A Residential Community of Jeffersontown KY

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  - Residents Association Responsibility -

      The Plainview Residents' Association maintains 63 Plant Beds, 40 acres of Common Area and 4 Entrances to the subdivision.
      The Association is also responsible for the maintenance of the islands and medians throughout the subdivision.
      This includes mowing and irrigation of the islands, care for trees and shrubs on the islands and medians.
      In addition, the Association also is responsible for mowing the 40 acres of common area.

  - City of Jeffersontown Responsibility -

      The City of Jeffersontown maintains and sweeps our streets and clears them when we have snow. They also maintain and repair our sidewalks.
      For matters involving these items, contact Jeffersontown Public Works.

  - Maintenance Schedule -

      Plantings in the 63 plant beds occur two times a year: spring and fall.
      Tree maintenance occurs as needed with any replacements made in the fall.
      We address turf issues as they occur.



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